WATKINSON goes for GOLD at INTERMAT ASEAN and Concrete Asia 2018

TURN WASTE INTO MONEY - Bringing the lucrative trend of recycling C&D waste to Thai market

With a daily affluence of around 200 people, showcasing the RM – Mobile Compact Crusher, WATKINSON’s booth at INTERMAT ASEAN and Concrete Asia 2018, from 6-8 September 2018 unleashed the interest of the most influent Thai and International companies involved on the upcoming biggest highway and high speed railway projects starting out in the course of the following 5 years in Thailand. Data from Reuteurs, March 27, 2018 (www.reuteurs.com) says the high-speed railway is part of the government’s larger transport infrastructure investment action plan worth 2.02 trillion baht, covering rails, roads, airports and seaports. The finance ministry has forecast economic growth of 4.2 percent this year, after 3.9 percent growth last year, the fastest pace in five years.

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste is a major problem in many countries around the world, especially in developing economies, and Thailand is not an exception. Adopting green concepts and implementing environment friendly actions by recycling C&D waste, has proven to be a fast growing field of application all over the world on the last few years and a proof of a big and lucrative trend in Thai market, is the over expected attendance of Thai entrepreneurs to the Turn Waste into Money Workshops hosted by WATKINSON, booth SS09.


Top perspective of WATKINSON’s booth, one of the busiest an outstanding booths at the exhibition.

Over expected attendance to the Turn Waste into Money workshops at WATKINSON’s booth.

During 3 days, with an outstanding 128 sq. booth, WATKINSON successfully exhibited at INTERMAT ASEAN and Concrete Asia 2018 with the state of art RM – Mobile Compact Crusher, RM 70GO! 2.0, the RM the global market leader of mobile compact crushers operating under 30 tons weight class and number one top sales in the world, referring to global mobile crushers and screeners’ market research report in 2017. There is no end to the application opportunities and the adequate resources management the RM machine can deliver, especially in connection with the magnetic separator which allows extracting reinforce steel from concrete to be recycled, assisting Thai entrepreneurs to follow and produce first-class recycling material, meeting the country output’s standards.

The state of art, RM 70GO! 2.0, the global market leader of mobile compact crushers operating under 30 tons weight class.

According to statistics from BCI Media Group, Thailand is currently one of the most exciting hubs for contractors in Southeast Asia, with a construction market value estimated of over US$250 billion sustained by rapid infrastructure developments. This mainly covers lavish public expenditure on infrastructure, aligning with the Thai government’s renewed thrust toward improving the country’s transportation system.

INTERMAT ASEAN and Concrete Asia were strategically organized to provide business opportunities for the region, and among 500 exhibiting companies and high significance Government entities, such as Expressway Authority of Thailand and Department of Highways, WATKINSON fairly didn’t dissatisfy on continuously commitment to bring to Thai entrepreneurs, intelligent solutions, in the form of product and services, derived from insightful knowledge and upfront innovations.


WATKINSON, as consultant we provide intelligent solutions, give advice of the best products and services, from insightful knowledge and new innovations.


Watkinson Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. is since 2014 the authorized distributor and service provider of “CASE Construction Equipment” from USA and the exclusive distributor of Mobile Compact Crusher “RM” from Austria. From 2014 to 2017, the Mobile Crusher & Screener market demand has grown of 40-50 units per year in Thailand and in 2018, the RM – Mobile Compact Crusher RM 70GO! 2.0 and Screener CS3600/2 was successfully brought by WATKINSON to the Thai market. The RM70GO! 2.0 with CS3600/2, reaches the productivity maximum of 150 tons per hour and allows the separation of 3 different output fractions. The machine weight doesn’t go over 19.5 ton, which verifies its compact size, easy transportation and excellent energy saving with an average fuel consumption of 14-15 liters per hour (depended on the application). Adding to that, the RM70GO! 2.0 has no need of additional electric generator due to the built-in power generator that permits a plug in option to work with CS3600/2 screener. These factors positively affect the constructors’ crushing costs, allowing them to process all kinds of mineral materials such as rubble, concrete, asphalt, glass, coal, natural stone and even reinforced concrete, quickly and efficiently to make high-quality building materials. Within the next 3 years (2018-2020) with RM, WATKINSON has a very ambitious plan of acquiring 25% of market share, meaning to set the number of 10-13 units in the market.

Watkinson is ready to lead the market, leveraging its expertise to continuously deliver the best quality products and professional services to Thai constructors, across 5 branches in Bangkok, Rayong, Udonthani, Chiangmai and Saraburi, and with a plan to open 3 more branches in 2018, at Surat thani, Ubon Ratchathani and Phitsanulok.

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