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Booth no. : B21 | Country : SINGAPORE

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ALmix offers wide range of asphalt mixing plants,Batch Mix, Continuous Mix, Counterflow and Duo Drum available in either High Capacity model, Stationary and fully Mobile version with production rate from 30 TPH to 550 TPH.


Booth no. : H16 | Country : GERMANY

ASSYX GmbH & Co. KG is based in Andernach, Germany. ASSYX manufactures the high quality production pallet ASSYX DuroBOARD®. It consists of a wooden core of glued laminated timber, completely coated with polyurethane. It helps to increase productivity and quality rate in the production of concrete products.

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The ASSYX DuroBOARD® is a high quality production board for the manufacture of concrete products. The ASSYX DuroBOARD® is light as wood but nevertheless as durable as steel.

Attas Far East Pte. Ltd.

Booth no. : B24 | Country : SINGAPORE

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Jintai manufactures equipment for piling, diaphragm wall, soil improvement etc. ABI a German manufacturer of advanced multi-applications equipment, soil-improvement, sheet,secant, vibro piles, silent-piling etc. Beretta an Italian manufacturer of equipment for micropiles, anchoring and grouting.

Tescar an Italian manufacturer of equipment for small piles and low headroom.

BAUER Technologies (Thailand) Co Ltd

Booth no. : H12 | Country : GERMANY

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For around 50 years, equipment from Bauer has represented the highest performance and quality and constant innovation. The BAUER Maschinen Group is the world market leader in the development and manufacture of specialist foundation engineering equipment, including drilling rigs, duty-cycle cranes, trench cutters and grabs, as well as related tools and other specialized equipment.

Brunner & Lay Inc

Booth no. : B20 | Country : USA

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Brunner & Lay products

Brunner & Lay products are precision machined from high quality steel, then heat treated to insure strength and durability. The extensive Brunner & Lay line includes – Striking Bars, Couplings, Carburized Drill Steel, Hi-Frequency Hardened Drill Steel, and Rok-Bits™, available with standard, conical, ballistic, or parabolic inserts.


Booth No. : GS05 | Country : THAILAND

Since 1979, Coffral-Ekthana Engineering, has been a partner of choice in providing high quality and innovative construction equipment’s, engineering services and on-site support, contributing to stronger and safer constructions in Thailand

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High-Performing EU Scaffolding and Formwork systems

We supply everything from High-Performing EU Scaffolding and Formwork systems, to Gondola and Concrete Spacers available for rental and sales.


Booth No. : F22 | Country : THAILAND

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RP2 series bucket teeth

Our G.E.T products are at top quality with OEM specification. Our custom design RP2 series bucket teeth are build for tougth and long lasting use. Increasing you production with less time sevicing. RP2 will be the new standard for bucket teeth used in the mining industry.



Booth No. : F12 | Country : FINLAND

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Dynaset Oy is world-leading manufacturer of hydraulic compressors, generators and high pressure pumps; we also provide other solution such as hydraulic welders, hydraulic magnets and multiple variations of them, such as street washing units and dust suppression systems.

EBAWE Anlagentechnik

Booth No. : H11 | Country : GERMANY

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EBAWE is a full-service provider. We design, engineer and install complete production plants for the manufacture of the most varied precast concrete panels. We are the ideal partner for your projects – regardless of size and kind.

Eirich Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Booth No. : I19 | Country : GERMANY

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New version of the RV12 mixer

EIRICH presents new version of the RV12 mixer. The effective volume has been increased from 400 to 500 liters and handling and maintenance were made easier. EIRICH mixers are always used when top-quality products are to be manufactured to the highest standards of mixing quality and homogeneity.

Friendship Rubber Industry Ltd.

Booth No. : D01 | Country : TAIWANY

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Rubber Damping parts for Truck & Trailer, Rubber Shock Absorber for Driller & Pile Driver, Rubber hub for propeller, Industrial Rubber Roller, Caster for Fork Lift Truck, Rubber parts for Generator, Plug for Sewage, AC Insulator (15kw~25kw) , Silicon key pad, Silicon suction device, Master Batch & Rubber Compound, Feeding Pacifier for Livestock, Seal Ring, Truck hood latch.

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Booth No. : G20 | Country : GERMANY

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Germany participates with a “German Pavilion” offering a professional brokerage service to help to establish contacts with German companies and comprehensive information on Germany as an important business location.

Griffin Group International Pte Ltd

Booth No. : D09 | Country : SINGAPORE

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This series of Fuel Filter Water Separator with flow rate 1362 L/H on engines, vessels, gensets, and other equipment for shipboard applications. It follows DNV’s new regulation to design. It can help save fuel, reduce maintenance costs and prolong engine life.

Hua Tai Trading Co., LTD.

Booth No. : C01 | Country : THAILAND

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Our machines in MYZG are the top performing, fuel efficient and easy to operate, increasing your productivity levels. Our Excavators are down-right easy to maintain and they start at 389,000 Bath included for insurance and after sales service. Our products are the best-selling top product in China.


Booth no. : TBC | Country : GERMANY

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IDAT GmbH – German software development company with more than 35 years of experience in the precast concrete industry. CCAD and RevitPrecast – customized solutions for highly automated and quality-optimized planning of precast concrete elements. IDAT-ERP / BIM – all-in-one solution for business management and operations on the latest technologies.


Booth no. : SS05 | Country : CHINA

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Goodeng Machie

Goodeng Machie” was founded in May 2002, which is specialized in research & development, manufacturing,sales and service for trenchless equipment ,static-pressure pile pressing –in & pile planting manchine,geological drilling machine. As Mechanization Research branch industrial organization base of China Academy of Building Research, Goodeng machine has indepently developed almost 30 models of horizontal directional drilling machine from 13T to 1200T with strong and professional R&D teams’ support, which have filled in multiple domestic and abroad blanks. More products obtain national and provincial progress prize in sceience and technology of machinery industry.


Booth no. : GS03 | Country : THAILAND

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KAESER KOMPRESSOREN provides products, services and complete systems for supplying production and work processes with quality compressed air. The system solutions comprise compressed air generation and treatment and are designed for optimal overall efficiency. The company was founded in 1919 and is represented throughout the world by a comprehensive network of branch offices and strong partners.

Kawasaki Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Booth no. : D10 | Country : THAILAND

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ZI-Cone series

Sells Crusher, Shredder for Recycling, Each type of Mill, Hydraulic, Power generation, Boiler, Absorption Chiller, Electorstatic Oil Cleaner (EOC) , And spare part. ‘ Manufacturing & Supply Machine(Spare part)
– Crushing/Grinding for Aggregate Business, Cement Business
– Recycling, Powder processing, Special Cast steel & Iron.
– Boiler , Absorption Chiller
– Gas Turbines, Gas Engine, Industrial Stream Turbines

Kay Wah Engineering Sdn Bhd

Booth no. : F15 | Country : MALAYSIA

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Online Marketplace for Construction Machinery where we help connect buyers and sellers through our mobile app/web platform

Kolex Engineering Co.,Ltd

Booth no. : J08 | Country : THAILAND

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บริษัทโคเร็กซ์เอ็นจิเนียริ่งจำกัด ผู้นำเข้าและจำหน่าย เครื่องผลิตอิฐบล็อกเจ้าแรกในไทย(KOREX-600) ผลิตโดยประเทศเกาหลีผสมเทคนิคจากประเทศเยอรมันนี ปัจจุบันมียอดติดตั้งไปแล้วกว่า150เครื่องในประเทศไทยและส่งออกไปยังกลุ่มลูกค้าต่างประเทศ

Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific

Booth no. : B23 | Country : SINGAPORE

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A simple piping system

A simple piping system with superior durability and corrosion-resistance made possible by electrofusion.

Machinery Trader Asia

Booth no. : F17 | Country : AUSTRALIA

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If you’re looking to buy or sell new or used construction equipment, Machinery Trader is the industry’s leading resource. Machinery Trader features detailed specs and information as well as full-color photos for construction equipment across Australia / Asia & Pacific.


Booth no. : E11 – International Pavillon | Country : ITALY

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MB crusher buckets, screening buckets, shafts screeners, grapples and drum cutters are the most effective means in road construction and excavations, but also in quarries, mines and environmental rehabilitations, for crushing, screening and separating inert materials directly on site. They reduce costs, while contributing to the environment.

Nitti (Asia) Pte Ltd

Booth no. : B22 | Country : SINGAPORE

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Nitti’s safety footwear are widely used in various industries ranging from construction, heavy industry mining, marine, oil and gas, petrochemical, light industry, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, manufacturing, medical and hospitality.

Padley & Venables Ltd.

Booth no. : E12 | Country : UK

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The company was originally established in 1911 and has two manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and an international dealer network in more than 60 countries throughout the world. With its own Steel Rolling Mill, Bedford Steels, P&V is also one of the few Integrated manufacturers in the world. Padley & Venables – UK Tool manufacturer for over 100 years. Products include: Contractors’ Tools for Pneumatic and Electric Hammers, Demolition Tools for use with Boom Mounted Hydraulic Breakers, Rock Drilling -Tunnelling/Drifting/Extension equipment; Shank Adaptors, Couplings, Drill Rods, TC Tipped Drill Bits, Reaming, Integral Drill Steels, Taper Rods, Tube Drilling systems.


Booth no. : SS02 | Country : THAILAND

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Small Air Models

Small Air Models with operating pressure of 100 Psi are Doosan’s offering to customers in quarrying for use with jack hammers, LD bore in granite and blue metal, shot blasting applications to name a few.

Rock Dril (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Booth no. : SS01 | Country :

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Being a company of Belgian origin with factories in Mexico and Thailand, offices and distributors in many different countries, Rockdril has been working with engineers and contractors world-wide to provide reliable, easy service and high quality drilling equipment and accessories at an affordable cost. The Ecomobil 432 is a chassis mounted drill rig which can be easily moved or towed thanks to its two tires. It is designed for drilling with down the hole hammer and drag bits up to a depth of up to 50 meters.

S.C.S. Fabrication Co., Ltd.

Booth no. : C21 | Country : THAILAND

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อุปกรณ์เครื่องจักรกลหนัก และงานเหมืองแร่ อาทิ เช่น บุ้งกี๋รถแม็คโฮ ฯลฯ ออกแบบและผลิตชิ้นส่วนเครื่องจักรกลหนัก และโครงสร้างเหล็ก

Siam Industrial

Booth no. : GS04 | Country : THAILAND

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TEKA pan mixer THZ

The internationally famous TEKA pan mixer THZ is a TEKA “Classic” and the mixer of choice for many customers. The THZ comes in different sizes with filling capacities ranging from 250 to 6,000 liters. All Sizes can be outfitted with different wear-resistant liners, accessory items, skip hoist systems and high-pressure cleaning systems. Also the TPZ, TEKA’s counter current planetary mixer which ranged capacities from 250 to 4,500 liters is showcased.

Smooth-On Inc

Booth no. : B19 | Country : USA

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Smooth-On is the leading manufacturer of liquid rubber mold making materials that are used in the concrete, building and construction industries. The flexible rubber products can be used for formliners, concrete stamps and to make molds for a variety of precast concrete applications.


Booth no. : GS02 | Country : THAILAND

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Sucoot Thailand was founded in 2009 with Parent company base in Taiwan. Sucoot specialize in manufacture scaffolding and formwork part for more than 30 years. For the pass year we have develop new product to provide our customer with full scaffolding and formwork system.

Sungwon Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth no. : F19 | Country : KOREA

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Prime products consist of DTH Hammer & Hammer Bit including Auger Machines. These products serve a variety of application in Mining, Drilling Foundation Construction, Water well and Oil & Gas Industry.

The DTH Hammer ranges from 3 inches through 40 inches in diameter and the corresponding Bits are able to be rolled out up to 1850mm in outer diameter.
The Bits are diversified into various Overburden bits and DTH Hammers are expanded to CD (Cluster Drill) Hammers as well.


Booth no. : TBC | Country : 

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3D printing houses are interesting for people who have income. Because it is easier to build, faster and cheaper than the original construction. This kind of house may be a solution to the problem of housing for low-income people and want to have their own home.


Booth no. : C10 | Country : THAILAND

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Truck tires Forklift tires and OTR


Booth no. : D02 | Country : JAPAN

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We have our sales bases throughout Japan and our drilling machines and pumps have been in operation in wide range of field sites with high reliability and reputation. Furthermore, our
machines have been adopted at various sites all over the world and customers are extremely satisfied with the ability, cost efficiency and safety.

With Quality, Service and Safety as the three tenets of our basic philosophy, TOHO CHIKAKOKI CO., LTD. offers various machines which feature excellent performance, cost efficiency and safety. Our machines have been used for various field s such as water well drilling and geological survey in all over the world.

Nord-Engineering (TORSION TOOLS)

Booth no. : E20 | Country : RUSSIA

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Hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic equipment (with high torque power, from 4300Nm to 11000Nm) for the installation of screw piles of diameter (Ф)57-159 . Basic complectation- hydraulic power pack, hydraulic screw pile driver, adapter for your type of screws, high pressure hoses, documents for the machine.

TC Brothers Pack Co.,Ltd.

Booth no. : SS04 | Country : USA

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Augertorque’s product range is focused on Earth drills and Augers supplying the civil construction industry. We also have other attachments such as trenchers, mixer bowls, hedge trimmers, pallet fork frames, loading ramps and spreader bars to service our customers requirements. We work closely with OEM manufacturers to ensure our product range remains current with industry needs. This has resulted in a range of Earth Drills which can be matched exactly to your excavator, backhoe, skid steer loader, mini loader or telehandler by weight and capacity.

Thai Drill Co., Ltd.

Booth no. : F13 | Country : THAILAND

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อะไหล่ และอุปกรณ์สำหรับงานเหมืองแร่ ขุดเจาะ


Booth no. : E18 | Country : THAILAND

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We have many type of crane for provide as your want such as Mobile crane 25 – 100 T. Crawler crane 80 – 400 T. And other type or other equipment you can ask to us we will responding to you as fast as possibel.

Transtech System

Booth no. : B18 | Country : USA

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TransTech Systems is the lead developer and manufacturer of non-nuclear density technology for asphalt and soils. The flagship product, the PQI Model 380, is the latest and greatest in asphalt density technology. The SDG 200, is the newest emerging technology from TransTech. We innovate, develop and deploy technology to provide advanced products and services for the global civil infrastructure industry. Non-nuclear density technology is TransTech Systems’ expertise.



Booth no. : G11 | Country : GERMANY

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The WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA is famous for its high quality for almost 30 years. This fibre glass reinforced board is for the top level of making concrete products. With regrinding WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA are the most cost effective term solution. In addition, we offer WASA SOFTWOOD and our wood-plastic-compound board WASA WOODPLAST®.


Booth no. : SS03 | Country : CHINA

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XE215C has features of good flexibility and maneuver-ability, low fuel consumption, high construction efficiency, large digging force, comfortable driving environment and wide range of application. It adopted the new generation environmental ISUZU engine and Kawasaki hydraulic system.

ZF (Thailand) Limited

Booth no. : F16 & F14 | Country : THAILAND

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ECOMIX II new mixer transmission from ZF. It is about 50 percent smaller and 24 percent lighter in comparison to previous models. This allows vehicle manufacturers more flexibility in design and makes assembly easier. The unit is designed for transport mixers up to 16m³ drum capacities and its max. input torque is 90,000 Nm.