Supporting Organisations

Thai Contractors Association under H.M. the King’s Patronage

Association under H.M. the King’s Patronage was founded in 1928. The main objectives of this group are:

The objectives of the association:

  1. Learn from past experiences and use them to improve the efficiency of the management and construction processes of the entrepreneur, strengthening them to be ready for global competition.
  2. Create correct understandings on the roles and responsibilities of the construction entrepreneur and awareness of the important tasks, capabilities and the significance of this business to the general public.
  3. Convince the government of a new aspect toward the construction business, using it to drive the country’s economy, especially as a pioneer in exporting construction material into the foreign market.

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Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)

Public organization tasked with promoting and developing business events in Thailand. Since 2004, TCEB has worked toward establishing Thailand as Asia’s premier business events destination, by providing flexible, service-oriented support to meeting-goers, incentives winners, convention attendees and exhibition participants.

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The Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL)

The Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL) was incorporated and registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in 1981 to be The Professional Institute in Singapore for Qualified Building Professionals, engaged in Building practice in a managerial, technical or administrative capacity in the development, construction and maintenance of buildings, including those who are engaged in academic research and teaching.

The Institute also upholds the competency and standards of the Building and Facilities Management professions, while promoting and advancing the status and interests of Professional Builders and Facilities Managers through training, education and research.

SIBL is a founding member of the Construction Industry Joint Committee (CIJC) and Corporate Member of Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

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Thai Building Information Modeling Association (TBIM)

TBIM is a group of people who have a passion in BIM from various profession area such as the council of architect and engineer, education sector and private sector. TBIM is the center of collaboration for BIM practice in Thailand. It composes of people who have passion in BIM, and willing to promote BIM process to become the norm.

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Thai Machinery Association

Objective of Thai Machinery Association (TMA)

  • Hub for Buyer and Dealer, Distributor
  • Supporting and developing profession and skill for SMEs
  • Knowledge and Training about Mechanical
  • R&D new technologies for developing machinery to high performance
  • Coordinate to be a member from association or club in Machinery technology and steel

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Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand (ISIT)

The Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand (ISIT) is a network institution of the Ministry of Industry. Established by a cabinet resolution In November 2543 under the “Industrial Development Foundation” due to the needs of the government and the private sector that wants to have a central unit to support and promote the development of the steel industry with flexibility and efficiency. To encourage cooperation among all relevant parties and contribute to the strengthening of the iron and steel industry in Thailand.

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Thailand Structural Engineers Association (TSEA)

Thai Structural Engineers Association (TSEA) was established. By the wishes to provide knowledge and understanding in the knowledge of structural engineering correctly, standards and useful to Thailand under the mission “the TSEA will promote, develop, and disseminate knowledge in structural engineering for the benefit of the country” which the TSEA has registered on 26 March 2019 and has a status as a juristic person.

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Department of Rail Transport (DRT)

The Department of Rail Transport is responsible for supervising rail transportation systems throughout the country to be the same standard. Including recommendation for policies, strategies, and work plans to regulate rail transportation standards as well as developing the country’s railway transportation infrastructure to be able to compete and connect with the neighbouring countries.

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Cleaning Service Contractors Association (CSCA)

BSCAI represents a worldwide network of more than 1,000 member companies from across the United States and 15 countries worldwide that provide cleaning, facility maintenance, security, landscaping and other related services to building owners and managers. The association provides contractor-specific educational programs, individual certifications, publications, a members-only purchasing program, seminars, industry data and research and networking opportunities, all developed specifically for leaders in the building service contracting industry.

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Thai Security Association (TSA)

THAI SECURITY ASSOCIATION or TSA was established since 2013.The manufacturer and distributor of security system have seen a significant of security business. In addition, security business is also essential to help achieve social peace and more stability. Therefore, they gathered for founders TSA as a common goal to enhance security business success. Standardizing to security business and encourage further development to participate with various agencies of government. Moreover, it’s including offer knowledge and technologies of security system to both TSA’s members and other interested persons.

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Taiwan Intelligent Building Association (TIBA)

Taiwan Intelligent Building Association (TIBA) was established in February 2010 to form an exchange platform for experts/scholars, the government, and industries to promote the prosperous development of the intelligent building industry.

TIBA is a non-profit organization that aims to promote safety and security, healthcare, convenience and comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability in order to create higher quality intelligent building for the purpose of improving life.

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WSHAsia – World of Safety & Health Asia

World of Safety and Health Asia is founded for the purpose of gathering safety & health information for the benefit of every individual. It is a shame that products & services that solve safety & health problems are only available in some countries but not all. This is the reason why WSH Asia is founded! To provide a FREE platform for all safety & health manufacturers to showcase their products, services, events & courses at NO COST. This will enable every individual around the world, to easily access safety & health solutions available around the world and therefore be able to access to it and be safe.

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