Infrastructure spending varies widely amongst ASEAN members, but will continue to have steady growth

Main infrastructure projects in the region


Bangkok – Nakhon Rachasima – Nong Khai High Speed Rail (HSR)
Length : 873 km
Estimated value (US$): 16b

Bangkok-Chiang Mai High Speed Rail (HSR)
Length : 673 km
Estimated value (US$): 15.2b


Long Thanh International Airport

Size : 5,000 ha
Estimated value (US$): 16b

Ho Chi Min Metro Rail System

Length : 94.7 km
Estimated value (US$): 12.7b


Trans Sumatra Highway

Length : 2,600 km
Estimated value (US$): 11.3b

Kuala Tanjung Seaport

Size or Length : Not available
Estimated value (US$): 2.7b 


East Coast Rail Line (ECRL)
Length : 620 km
Estimated value (US$): 18.3b


KL – Singapore HSR
Length : 94.7 km
Estimated value (US$): 15b

Source: Ernst & Young Rediscover ASEAN 2017

Expected infrastructure spending growth per year till 2025

Source: A Summary of South East Asian Infrastructure Spending: Outlook to 2025; PWC 2014; Oxford Economics