Building the Future Of The Construction Industry

Building the Future Of The Construction Industry
Through The Best Skill Base For This New Decade Of Change

Mr. John Shelton, Technical Director, Ecopanels International LLC
Speaker Biography

My technology is the encapsulation of waste materials bound for landfill and using this resource to manufacture an extruded ECC (Engineered Cementitious Composite) building material in the form of lightweight hollow core building panels for low cost and affordable housing. This is a complete housing system for all general construction. This extrusion plant produces a 1000 sq. ft. house each hour. Panels cost approx. $3. per sq. ft. In most cases we are paid to remove the waste resource. Every person in the world should have an affordable home or shelter. We can provide that from the wastes of our society.

Presentation Synopsis

The session includes a full description of Mincrete. A new material, light weight, usually 1.6 density. A structural, Fire proof, floor, wall and roof construction material. This is manufactured from materials bound for landfill. The wastes include waste glass, fly ash and bottom ash, milk/food/drink cartons, a super plasticizer, very little cement, and two chemicals. We would like to demonstrate the ease and speed of construction to architects, and of course, the very low cost. We would like to speak to investors with a view of building plants in these areas, with the view to reduce the wastes going into landfill, but with a win, win, win situation for communities requiring affordable housing, for a very quick return of capital, and the development of outstanding sustainable development.