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12. Please check the appropriate boxes indicating your choice of accommodationHotel accommodation is exclusive only for International Buyers, with a max of 2 nights Free Accommodation: required to do a minimum of 6 business matching sessions per day
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Details for Hotel Accommodation
If you need free hotel accommodation, please kindly select your type of room and provide us your debit/credit card details for us to secure a room for you.
Please select the room type:
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Your card detail will be safely provided to the hotel and not shared to any other party.

*Note: For Buyers who requested Free Accommodation, please send us your flight detail and passport detail as soon as possible.

Deadline for submission of passport and flight details is 6 September 2018.

Late submission of these documents will disqualify the buyer from receiving the Free Accommodation.

Cancellation/withdrawal from the program can be done before 6 September 2018. Any cancellation after the date above will incur a penalty charge. Failure in meeting the business matching requirement will incur a penalty charge.

  • Buyers who requested for 1 night accommodation are required to make 12 business matchings
  • Buyers who requested for 2 night accommodation are required to make 18 business matchings

(Penalty charge is dependent on number of room nights. Hotel Room Rate: 2,200 Baht/Night, Extra bed: 800 Baht)

Buyer registration is subject to initial screening by our team.

INTERMAT ASEAN & Concrete Asia 2018 reserves the right to accept or decline the registration at any time.

INTERMAT ASEAN & Concrete Asia 2018 reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions and privileges provided.

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