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Please check the appropriate box(es) below indicating the date(s) and number of meetings you will attend:Business Meetings will be at the Business Matching Lounge at Hall 9-10, IMPACT Exhibition Center, on September 5, 2019 from 13.00 – 16.00 hrs., September 6, 2019 from 10.00 – 16.00 hrs. and September 7, 2019 from 10.00 – 12.00 hrs. )
Remarks: The organizer reserves the right of final explanation for airfare subsidy.

Terms & Conditions 


• Registration to become a Buyer is subject to initial screening by our Buyer Promotions Team 
• Registered Buyers must provide copy of passport and flight itinerary (confirmed with booking confirmation code number) to our team at least 1 month prior the show date 
• International Buyers are entitled to receive a maximum of 2-night Accommodation at our official hotels (eg. Ibis Bangkok IMPACT), if they are able to fulfil our business matching requirements
• The organizer reserves the right to accept or decline the registration at any time 
• The organizer reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions and Privileges provided

Confidentiality and Security

• All personal information provided by the Buyer will be kept confidential 
• Debit/Credit Card information will only be shared to the official hotels (eg. Ibis Bangkok IMPACT) and not to other parties 
• The organizer reserves the right to use Buyer’s contact information for marketing and promotional purposes 
• The organizer reserves the right to charge Buyer’s debit/credit card in the following cases:
          o Buyer fails to show up
          o Late cancellation or withdrawal from the program must be made not less than 14 days prior the show
          o Failure to meet business matching requirements (penalty charge dependent on selected room nights) 
• Charges may include but are not limited to Hotel room rate: 1,800 Baht/Night ; Extra Bed: 800 Baht/Night


• Registered Buyer must be showed up at the exhibition
• If the company representative is unable attend the exhibition for any reason, the individual who registered should contact the Buyer Promotions Team to send another representative or cancel their attendance (to cancel must be made not less than 14 days prior the show to avoid a penalty charge)
• Failure in notifying the Buyer Promotions Team or late notification will incur a penalty charge to the Buyer (penalty charge dependent on selected room nights) 
• Failure in fulfilling the business matching requirement will incur a penalty charge (penalty charge dependent on selected room nights) 
• Buyers requesting 1 night of Accommodation are required to do at minimum of 10-14 business matching meetings 
• Buyers requesting 2 nights of Accommodation are required to do 15 business matching meetings and above


• Buyers may cancel/withdraw from the Accommodation privilege up to 1 month before show date 
• Buyers must notify the Buyer Promotions Team of their cancellation/withdrawal not less than 14 days prior the show 
• Cancellation after 14 days prior the show will incur a penalty charge to the Buyer (penalty charge dependent on selected room nights)

No Show

• Buyers who do not show up for the exhibition or business matching meetings will be considered as “No Show” 
• “No Show” Buyers will be charged a penalty fee (penalty fee dependent on selected room nights)