As our Hosted Buyer, you will have the opportunity to connect and do business with a host of professional local and international suppliers offering an
extensive range of products/services:

List of Product/Service Category

Earthmoving & Demolition
– Accessories, Components, Parts for Earthmoving and Demolition
– Machines & Equipment for Earthmoving and Civil Engineering
– Machines & Equipment for Demolition, Environment & Recycling
– New Technologies for Earthmoving & Demolition

Road, Minerals & Foundation
– Accessories, Components, Parts for Road, Minerals and Foundations
– Equipment & Materials for Roads Infrastructure and Maintenance
– Machines & Equipment for Minerals Industries
– Drilling, Boring, Special Foundations, Trenching Machines

Building Industry
– Accessories, Components, Parts for Buildings
– Formworks & Scaffolding
– Site Equipment & Tools
– Materials for Building and Construction
– New Technologies for Buildings
– Topography, New Technologies, Engineering, Automatic Systems

Lifting, Handling & Transportation
– Accessories, Components, Parts for Lifting & Transportation
– Material Handling and Lifting Equipment and Machinery
– New Technologies for Lifting, Handling & Transportation
– Vehicles for Passengers Transportation

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