Equipment for Accelerated Bridge Construction Technology

Equipment for Accelerated Bridge Construction Technology

Mr. Liu Yabin, CEO, Wowjoint Holdings Limited / Honorary Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University

Speaker Biography

Yabin Liu has engaged in the equipment industry of railway and bridge construction for 30 years. Since 1996, He had been serving as the Chief Engineer and General Manager at Beijing Wanqiao Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. – a consulting company for new construction solutions and machinery.
By 1996, he worked as an Engineer, Associate Professor and Director at China Academy of Railway Sciences for nearly 15 years, and was in charge of academic research of locomotives; He was also served as the Chief Coordinator for international academic exchange in railway construction technologies for 3 years.
Yabin Liu was granted his Bachelor’s degree in mechanics from Beijing Jiaotong University in 1982.
He has published numerous papers in China and on international media about bridge construction, viaduct erection and railway facilities.

Presentation Synopsis

Based on designing and supplying the different launching machines and equipment concerned for erecting bridges, different technical points on vary applications of rail or highway bridges or viaducts are specified.
Then new ideas for accelerated bridge construction (ABC) will be introduced.